Ufone double number code (2 Number in 1 Sim)


Tired of using only one number for a long time. Ufone double number code is the best solution for you. This Ufone service will allow you to get another virtual number

Elevate your communication experience with our innovative service that provides you with a virtual number alongside your original one. It’s as simple as having two numbers on a single SIM card!

How to use Ufone Double Sim Number Code

  • Dial *66#
  • After Dialing this code, the system will select randomly your double number from its database
  • An SMS will be sent to your phone

“Your Double Number is 033XXXXXXXX. Charges Rs.30 + Tax / Month. Please dial 66 followed by any number and make calls from your Double Number.”

How to Call from Your Ufone Double Number

So now you have a Ufone double number. You will need to call from your double number, so what is the procedure

  • Let’s suppose your double number i 03330900900.
  • And the number you want to dial is 03251234567
  • you will just need to dial 66 before the number like 6603211234567
  • and the receiver will see your double number which is 03330900900

How to Send Message from Your Ufone Double Number

It’s very simple. All you need is to write the same number pattern which is 66 before the number and send it.

The receiver will receive it with your Ufone double number

Charges for this Service

Monthly subscription fees amount to Rs.30 plus tax, with a daily charge of Re.1 plus tax from the following month. Calls are billed at Rs.1.30 plus tax per minute, whether on the network or off. Sending SMS incurs a cost of Rs.0.50 plus tax per message, based on whether it’s on-net or off-net. Additionally, the 660 IVR service is charged at Re.1 plus tax per minute.

Terms and Condition

The service is accessible to both pre-paid and post-paid users. A Double number can be obtained through SMS, IVR, and USSD. Each primary number can only be mapped with a single Double number. The Double numbers are drawn from a reserved inventory exclusively for this service and are assigned to Ufone customers.

Billing is exclusively done on the primary number, and the service is not tailored for international roaming, either incoming or outgoing. International calls and SMS from the Double number are not permitted. Each Double number is uniquely assigned to a primary number and cannot be allocated to any other user.

Customer records are available in Cares since the Double number is linked to an active primary number. No NIC or Passport Number is required for activation, and there’s no need for customers to visit Ufone service centers for Double Number acquisition.

Balance transfer is not supported through the Double number, as it serves only for Caller Line Identification (CLI) purposes. Users are unable to avail SMS and voice buckets on the Double Number. For users with SMS buckets, each SMS sent to the Double Number incurs a charge of Rs.0.50.

Porting out the Double number is not permitted. The Double number becomes idle automatically after 6 months if the primary number is ported out. If a user has a voice and SMS buckets and uses the Double Number for calls or messages, charges apply according to the Double Number’s tariff.

Other Value-Added Services (VAS) cannot be accessed through the Double Number.

If you are Ufone user, you can check the remaining data of your Ufone also with simple code