Jazz Weekly Call Package Code 90 Rupees


Jazz brings special offers to its customers. Their journey with the customers has been remarkable and for that reason, they always prefer to provide the best value to their customers. For that reason Jazz weekly call package code 90 rupees is best.

You will get the value far beyond your expectation. Also, the other features in this single package make this package more useful for its customers.

The jazz weekly package has been one of the most successful experiments for jazz. Normally people 

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Jazz Weekly Call Package in 90 Rupees

Truly delightful, this package is 07 days. Normally what happens customers are worried about their consumption.

Their package minutes expire when the package is over, but as this package is for 07 days, so you don’t have to worry more about anything.

Package NameDialON-NetOFF-NetPrice
Jazz Weekly Call Package code in 90 Rupees*664#6003090

This offer is also called the super chanab offer

Jazz Weekly Call Package in 90 Rupees ( Special Offer)

In today’s Era, the internet is the need of every individual. Most people are using smartphones which now is very necessary to fulfill the internet requirement as well.

For that reason, jazz especially introduced the internet in this same package, so that you do not have to subscribe to individual internet packages. 

Let’s discuss the remaining features of this package as well.

If you want weekly offer in cheap then subscribe to jazz weekly call package code 40 rupees

Jazz Weekly Call Package code 90 Rupees8GB Internet (4 GB 2AM-2PM),6007 Days

You can also check this jazz monthly call package in 100 rupees only for 30 days.


Dial *111# from your Jazz number and select the balance check option to check your Jazz balance.

Dial *99# from your Jazz number to check your own Jazz number.

Dial 100<RecipientNumber>*<Amount># from your Jazz number to share balance with another Jazz number.

Dial 1111# from your Jazz number to check the remaining MBs in your Jazz data package.

To save Jazz balance, avoid unnecessary calls, SMS, and data usage, and make use of Jazz packages and bundles that offer discounted rates for calls, SMS, and data