How to Check Sim Number In Pakistan

If you are in Pakistan, you might use various networks for your mobile. The most famous ones are Ufone, Jazz and Zong. Most users Don’t know how to check sim number in pakistan.

As we know that sim number check code is only the solution to check sim number.

User mostly put query that “sim number check karne ka tarika

Before dialing the sim number check code, you must be aware that you must have balance in your account. 

So how to check Ufone, Jazz, Zong, Telenor sim number. It’s very simple and we will discuss every single method that will help you to find your sim number.

So we all know that mostly queries of network users are solved through the code provided by the networks. Every code has its own function. So there is one code provided by all the network companies to check the sim numbers.

It helps to create a facilitation between users and network companies.

So let us start how to check sim number in Pakistan

Most importantly we have also addressed the query that our mostly uses ask how to check sim number without balance.

How to check Telenor SIM Number

So lets discuss Telenor sim number check code.

Check Telenor number through Live agent

  • If you have internet connection, go to the website of Telenor
  • Find Telenor customer care option on web page
  • After clicking on it there will be widget chat Telenor Pakistan
  • This will led you to the live agent of Telenor
  • Enter your name and start chat
  • By inquiring your Number they will provide your number

Check Telenor Sim Number through SMS

  • Open your New message option in mobile
  • Send a blank message on 7421
  • You will receive a sms from same number in which number will be mention
  • This is free of charge method

Check Telenor Sim Number From Call

  • Dial 7421 from your mobile phone
  • Once your call is connected, The Computer agent will tell you the number of your sim.
  • Once number is completed, the call will be automatically disconnect

How to Check Telenor Sim Number Without Balance

  • Dial *8888# is another method to check your sim number.
  • It will show you the number but it will be kind of flash message, so make sure to note it down

Check Telenor Number through Helpline

  • Dial 345 from your Telenor Sim
  • It will connect you to Live agent of Telenor
  • They will inquire some verification from you
  • After that you will received SMS in which your number will be mention

Check Telenor Number through Android app

  • Go to  Playstore or IOS store
  • Download Telenor APP
  • Click on Start
  • The number will be automatically displayed

How to check Ufone SIM Number

Lets see, what is Ufone sim number check code.

So lets discuss Ufone sim number check code.

Check Ufone Sim Number through SMS

  • Open a Message and type MNP
  • Send it to the 667
  • You will receive a message

Check Ufone Number through Dial Code

  • Dial *780*3# from Mobile phone
  • Wait for USSD Code that appears like a flash message
  • You will be presented with the number
  • You can check your Ufone sim number from this method without balance.

You can also check your ufone double number

Check Ufone Number through Helpline

  • Dial 333
  • Talk to Live agent of Ufone
  • Inquire from them

How to check Jazz SIM Number

Jazz was slightly average when it comes to customer support. Or you can say they are not as good in providing the information to the users as others networks are providing. So we have gather all the code to check jazz sim number

So lets discuss Jazz sim number check code.

Check Jazz Number through Dial Code

  • Dial *99# from Mobile
  • You will receive a message

Check your Jazz Number through SMS

  • Type MNP in your Text Message
  • Send it to 667
  • You will receive a message

Check Jazz Number through Helpline

  • Dial Jazz Helpline 111
  • Talk to jazz agent
  • Inquire it from the agent

How to check Zong SIM Number

Zong is the most emerging network in Pakistan. They were the first to introduce the 4G services in Pakistan and they always lean toward their customers. 

So lets discuss zong sim number check code.

How to Check Zong Number Without Balance

  • Dial *8# Code from Your Mobile number
  • You will receive a message from Zong in which you will get a number

Zong Sim number check code 2023

  • Dial *100# code from your mobile
  • You will receive an sms shortly after dialing this code
  • Your number will be displayed on message
  • You can check Zong number from this method without balance

Check Zong Number through Helpline

  • Dial Zong Helpline 310
  • Talk to Zong agent
  • Inquire from them

How to Check Zong Number by SMS

  • Type MNP in Message
  • Send it to 667
  • You will receive an SMS shortly after minute
  • You will get your sim number

Check Zong Number through Android App

  • Go to Play store and download My Zong App
  • After set up your app, you will be shown number on app

Check Zong Number through SMS

  • Type O in message
  • Send it to the 7911
  • You will receive sms

Zong number check karne ka tarika. This query is mostly put by customers to check zong number. Now you will be clear with all methods.

So I hope that I am able to answer your all queries related to check sim number by different codes.

So these are the code to check your sim number in Pakistan.

If you are looking to check your remaining internet data, you can also check.